Summer Youth Camp:Emissary Band

Every summer my husband and I pack up our kids and head to youth camp with a group of teens. Among the rallies, talks, sessions and games, we enjoy a great time of worship lead by a very gifted band. This year we were fortunate to have Emissary Band with us (

Aaron of Emissary Band

Daniel of Emissary Band

John on Guitar

There was something very unique about these guys. Like most bands, they had a 'merch' table set up in the back- where CDs and other merchandise could be purchased. Bands that tour Christian camps do not make a great deal of money; selling merchandise is a helpful way to supplement the scarce income. These guys put all profits from their sales toward the Gabriel House of Mexico ( This is a facility that provides neglected children with food, shelter, medical care, etc. These men came and shared their hearts with us, lead music, and taught us what Emissary really means.

Aaron on Bass

John leading music

Emissary Band leading worship

Visit their website, listen to their music, and read their bio. These guys were a great gift to us this summer. I'm grateful to have met them (and look forward to seeing them again)!

…Still Waiting…

Back in February we were up in Washington state visiting friends and family. My friend Val was due to have her 4th baby prior to our arrival.


She was feeling discouraged each day that passed with no sign of arrival. Pregnancy is hard work. My sister-in-law, also a photographer (, and I decided to ambush her with a surprise photo shoot.

Val past due

In the midst of extreme discomfort, anticipation and discouragement, Val couldn’t fully embrace how amazing she looked. Sarah and I wanted to change that…

Val's Silhouette

Baby Lucas did arrive, of course. At 9.9 pounds and 22.5 inches, Val had every reason to be uncomfortable! Congratulations on a job ‘well done’!

Visit from Afar

My friend (and loyal client) Gwen scheduled a photo session several months in advance as she was really excited about her sister’s visit from Ireland.

Connolly Family

Gwen and her husband, Gary have been here for several years. It was great to see the family together!


Evan and Charlie
Kennedy and Evan got to spend time with their cousin, Charlie.

20110625 111440 IMG 2956

Kennedy was glad to have photos with her Auntie Brenda!

20110625 112450 IMG 3027

Have a safe trip home, Brenda and Charlie – and come back soon!

Giggles, Laughs, and a lot of Love

Could you imagine getting six kids all dressed and ready for a family photo session, while maintaining happy attitudes and a positive outlook on the experience? The Mays family did just that- and were such a fun group to photograph! Mays Family

Usually there’s a grumpy one in a family photo session, but not these guys! Each child enjoyed their ‘star’ moment…

Shiloh Little Shiloh was not only cooperative, but accommodating too.

Isaiah Isaiah was glad to share his playful personality.

Darrell Most 8 year old boys are reluctant to have a picture taken, but Darrell was willing and helpful.

Takai Takai has a beautiful smile, and was pleased to share it.

Jasiah Sweet Jasiah. Cute, fun, photogenic.

Anjal Anjal was all smiles, whether the camera was on her or not.

20110513 181434 IMG 1122 What a great group of kids! They were such a joy to work with.

Darrell and Tamara Here they are, the people responsible for this amazing bunch. Thanks for a great session, Darrell and Tamara. I look forward to more!