A Big Move

As a parent, I find great joy in seeing my children succeed in their passions and talents. The McCoyville family knows that joy- their very talented son was accepted into Boston Ballet School. This meant they would be packing up their home in Oregon to make a new home on the other side of the country.

20161022 180904 IMG 2968

20161022 181919 IMG 2996

Before they left the West Coast, they visited family in California- where I got to take their photos.

Grandparents, Brother and Sister, Spouses, and Kids

20161022 175129 IMG 2924

Grandparents with grandkids

20161022 175520 IMG 2937


20161022 175747 IMG 2945


20161022 181144 IMG 2972

The Christensens

20161022 180525 IMG 2957

20161022 181640 IMG 2987

20161022 181506 IMG 2981

I look forward to the next family visit on this coast!

Mays Kids with Mom, Grandma, and Great Grandma

The Mays kids were excited to see their grandma and great-grandma, who were visiting California from the mid-west.

20160314 172246 IMG 5397

Grandma was pleased to meet her newest grand baby for the first time.

20160314 173249 IMG 5415

I have enjoyed watching these wonderful people grow through the years.


20160314 174517 IMG 5450


20160314 174001 IMG 5434


20160314 173712 IMG 5427


20160314 173920 IMG 5431


20160314 174056 IMG 5437


20160314 174658 IMG 5458


20160314 174306 IMG 5444


20160314 181058 IMG 5472

Beautiful people to photograph, beautiful people to know 🙂

Woolner Family

Most of the Woolner family recently moved to my local area from Southern California.

20150619 195957 IMG 0442

Their son stayed south, as he is pursuing his college education…

20150619 200704 IMG 0477

…and a beautiful girl. (They are now engaged- Congrats!)

20150619 193742 IMG 0375

Alix misses her brother, but is adjusting to life in this area.

20150619 193505 IMG 0363

20150619 195612 IMG 0429

They are a fun family, and I am so grateful to call them friends!

20150619 200611 IMG 0470

20150619 201754 IMG 0507

20150619 194956 IMG 0399

Senior Portraits: Lucas

I’ve known Lucas since he was a middle schooler, maybe longer. Taking his senior portraits was exciting… and a reminder of how quickly time flies.

20111112 150836 IMG 9904

We took a few ‘traditional’ portraits…

20111112 143451 IMG 9831

20111112 145001 IMG 9871

…but had SO much fun taking personality shots!

20111112 151659 IMG 9933

20111112 153249 IMG 9991

20111112 153226 IMG 9988

Lucas is an awesome guy. He’s fun, smart, polite, talented… I’m lucky to know him, and look forward to seeing what he does with his future.

20111112 152540 IMG 9959

20111112 143246 IMG 9819


As a photographer, it’s very important to capture personality. Some clients are spunky, silly or sassy. Others may be quiet, reserved or serious. Hopefully you get a glimpse into a person’s interests, or a little idea of what they may be like when you see their portraits.

While Tobey hasn’t had many photos taken of her, it’s easy to see she is a natural beauty…
Tobey with hat

She couldn’t bring the horses to the shoot, but this fifteen-year-old wrangler knows what she loves.
Tobey on Chair

Hopefully you get a feel for her sweet spirit and playful nature. It’s a joy to be around!
Tobey on swing