One On The Way

I always love the opportunity to photograph the beauty of pregnancy. In my personal experience, it’s not easy to grow a little human inside your body, but so worth it! Nicole is growing her third, and looking good the whole time!

Pregnant woman looking down

When many of us think of pregnancy, joyful and exciting things come to mind- along with a few not-so-exciting things…. stretch marks, swelling… Nicole seems to have been blessed with ideal genes. Smooth, glowing skin without a mark on it!

Pregnant woman with bare belly

Pregnant Belly

I look forward to the arrival of Nicole’s little guy, such exciting times to come!

Pregnant woman in sheer white

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  1. I love the last picture with the sillouette of the tummy through the gown. Just beautiful and elegant. You look beautiful, momma, your face is so peaceful. I hope you feel that way, toO!

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