Baby Alia

I had a really great time working with Sarah Dawn Photography while up in Washington state. We had the joy of freezing a few sweet moments in time.


Little Alia was so cooperative!

Alia in basket

I think she was having as much fun as we were…

Alia on towels

Meeting her mom and dad was just as much fun. Such dedicated and loving parents- and musically gifted, too.

Alian in guitar case

The guitar wasn’t just for show. Sarah and I were enjoying the music as we tried distracting Alia from the print on her dress. Really, she was enamored with her dress- we had to reposition her so she couldn’t keep grabbing it and covering her precious little face! I look forward to working with Sarah again, and watching Alia grow!


As a photographer, it’s very important to capture personality. Some clients are spunky, silly or sassy. Others may be quiet, reserved or serious. Hopefully you get a glimpse into a person’s interests, or a little idea of what they may be like when you see their portraits.

While Tobey hasn’t had many photos taken of her, it’s easy to see she is a natural beauty…
Tobey with hat

She couldn’t bring the horses to the shoot, but this fifteen-year-old wrangler knows what she loves.
Tobey on Chair

Hopefully you get a feel for her sweet spirit and playful nature. It’s a joy to be around!
Tobey on swing

Rose Family

I’m currently up in Washington State visiting my husband’s family. While here I have had a few photo shoots. Remember my friend Val? She’s the one I did a maternity shoot for in February with my sister in law. Well, baby Lucas is almost 6 months old now!

We took a walk and captured some natural interactions.
Don and kids

Cyan and Logan played on a swing at a nearby lake.
20110810 111130 IMG 3868

Cyan looks so much like her mom. Lucky girl!
Val and Cyan

Even the rough and tumble need some mom time.
Val and Logan

By the end of our shoot, little Lucas needed some mom time, too. Only Val could supply what he needed.
Nursing mama

It was a fun time, with fun people. I always enjoy our visits!