Baby Alia

I had a really great time working with Sarah Dawn Photography while up in Washington state. We had the joy of freezing a few sweet moments in time.


Little Alia was so cooperative!

Alia in basket

I think she was having as much fun as we were…

Alia on towels

Meeting her mom and dad was just as much fun. Such dedicated and loving parents- and musically gifted, too.

Alian in guitar case

The guitar wasn’t just for show. Sarah and I were enjoying the music as we tried distracting Alia from the print on her dress. Really, she was enamored with her dress- we had to reposition her so she couldn’t keep grabbing it and covering her precious little face! I look forward to working with Sarah again, and watching Alia grow!

Summer Youth Camp:Emissary Band

Every summer my husband and I pack up our kids and head to youth camp with a group of teens. Among the rallies, talks, sessions and games, we enjoy a great time of worship lead by a very gifted band. This year we were fortunate to have Emissary Band with us (

Aaron of Emissary Band

Daniel of Emissary Band

John on Guitar

There was something very unique about these guys. Like most bands, they had a 'merch' table set up in the back- where CDs and other merchandise could be purchased. Bands that tour Christian camps do not make a great deal of money; selling merchandise is a helpful way to supplement the scarce income. These guys put all profits from their sales toward the Gabriel House of Mexico ( This is a facility that provides neglected children with food, shelter, medical care, etc. These men came and shared their hearts with us, lead music, and taught us what Emissary really means.

Aaron on Bass

John leading music

Emissary Band leading worship

Visit their website, listen to their music, and read their bio. These guys were a great gift to us this summer. I'm grateful to have met them (and look forward to seeing them again)!