Menez Wedding

I decided a while ago that I didn’t want to photograph weddings anymore. I absolutely LOVE weddings, but being a wedding photographer is incredibly stressful. There are always exceptions to rules, right?

Melissa contacted me a few weeks before her wedding. She and her fiancé had already made arrangements and prepaid for their photographer. When securing a wedding photographer, it is customary to pay a deposit and make the final payment on the day of the event. This beautiful couple had already paid in full- and their photographer went MIA. OH NO! I have known Melissa for a long time and absolutely love her and her family. I could never pass up the opportunity to be there on their wedding day, and fill a role that is a must have at every wedding! So here are a few highlights from their amazing Beauty and the Beast inspired wedding 🙂

Menez Wedding

20170115 151036 IMG 4774

20170115 143619 IMG 4719

menez wedding

menez wedding

menez wedding

menez wedding

menez wedding

menez wedding

menez wedding

menez wedding

menez wedding

menez wedding

menez wedding

Congrats to the Menez family!! What a beautiful event you planned!

Nicholson Sisters

I missed posting the shots we took last year, so I’m including The Nicholson sisters’ current and past pictures together. Both sessions were so fun, I couldn’t just skip one!


20160424 183524 IMG 7216


20160424 183100 IMG 7189


20160424 183238 IMG 7197

20160424 185309 IMG 7347

These ladies are as beautiful to know as they are to see, and they just get better with time.


20171001 175724 IMG 2354

20171001 175050 IMG 2319

20171001 175336 IMG 2333

20171001 173809 IMG 2275

This year I was so happy to get a photo of the family together, a tricky thing to do with their busy schedules!

20171001 173246 IMG 2253

I’m looking forward to our next session!

A Big Move

As a parent, I find great joy in seeing my children succeed in their passions and talents. The McCoyville family knows that joy- their very talented son was accepted into Boston Ballet School. This meant they would be packing up their home in Oregon to make a new home on the other side of the country.

20161022 180904 IMG 2968

20161022 181919 IMG 2996

Before they left the West Coast, they visited family in California- where I got to take their photos.

Grandparents, Brother and Sister, Spouses, and Kids

20161022 175129 IMG 2924

Grandparents with grandkids

20161022 175520 IMG 2937


20161022 175747 IMG 2945


20161022 181144 IMG 2972

The Christensens

20161022 180525 IMG 2957

20161022 181640 IMG 2987

20161022 181506 IMG 2981

I look forward to the next family visit on this coast!

Allen Family

This beautiful family of four brought me to a lovely ranch studio for their portraits.

20160819 183138 IMG 1069

I was glad we got this photo in, soon enough they won’t fit together!

20160819 183751 IMG 1103

The lighting was nice, and they are so fun to spend time with.

20160819 185941 IMG 1141

I hope I have an update with them again soon… when they are a family of FIVE 🙂

20160819 192310 IMG 1214

Adoption Day!

I met the Molony Family at Evolve Aikido, where their son was training with my kids. It was easy to become fond of them, and enjoyed hearing updates on the journey they were on. Their boy, Aidan, was placed in their home- and they began the exhausting but worthwhile process to adopt him. When they were (finally!) given their adoption date, they asked if I would photograph this life changing event.

20160422 132251 IMG 6823

20160422 133433 IMG 6850

20160422 134619 IMG 6917

20160422 134332 IMG 6901

What an honor to attend and photograph such a special moment. Congratulations, Molony family! What wonderful people this beautiful boy made parents.

20160422 134632 IMG 6924

20160422 134739 IMG 6934

Mays Kids with Mom, Grandma, and Great Grandma

The Mays kids were excited to see their grandma and great-grandma, who were visiting California from the mid-west.

20160314 172246 IMG 5397

Grandma was pleased to meet her newest grand baby for the first time.

20160314 173249 IMG 5415

I have enjoyed watching these wonderful people grow through the years.


20160314 174517 IMG 5450


20160314 174001 IMG 5434


20160314 173712 IMG 5427


20160314 173920 IMG 5431


20160314 174056 IMG 5437


20160314 174658 IMG 5458


20160314 174306 IMG 5444


20160314 181058 IMG 5472

Beautiful people to photograph, beautiful people to know 🙂