Woolner Family

Most of the Woolner family recently moved to my local area from Southern California.

20150619 195957 IMG 0442

Their son stayed south, as he is pursuing his college education…

20150619 200704 IMG 0477

…and a beautiful girl. (They are now engaged- Congrats!)

20150619 193742 IMG 0375

Alix misses her brother, but is adjusting to life in this area.

20150619 193505 IMG 0363

20150619 195612 IMG 0429

They are a fun family, and I am so grateful to call them friends!

20150619 200611 IMG 0470

20150619 201754 IMG 0507

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Jack and Sarah’s Engagement Party

In honor of their engagement, Jack and Sarah’s family members held a beautiful engagement celebration.

20121020 191317 IMG 0666

The table was set elegantly, candles lit, and the weather was perfect!

20121020 180617 IMG 058020121020 194237 IMG 0705

Even the dessert table was dressed to impress…

20121020 175509 IMG 055620121020 182513 IMG 0625

Congratulations to Jack and Sarah; may your destination wedding be filled with beauty, joy, and lots of loved ones!

20121020 212519 IMG 0838

My sister is Engaged! Robyn & Robert

Recently, my sister asked me to take photos of her and her boyfriend while he was home on leave. Before the end of our photo session, he was her fiancé.
20120914 190333 IMG 0070

What an exciting outing for us all! It came as a bit of a surprise to my sister, but a very welcome one.
20120914 191000 IMG 0120

We enjoyed making the most of our session, since our time with Robert was limited.

20120915 190744 IMG 0305

20120914 195323 IMG 0193

Congratulations to my sister, Robyn, and her fiancé, Robert. I look forward to having another brother soon!

20120915 191043 IMG 0323