Eden & Zion

While visiting family up in Washington state, I took advantage of my sister-in-law’s beautiful home to update Zion and Eden’s portraits.


20140729 155857 IMG 1041

20140729 160632 IMG 1088

20140729 160657 IMG 1092


20140729 163248 IMG 1103

20140729 180653 IMG 6261

Sometimes people tell me these girls look like me. I don’t see it, but I certainly take it as a compliment!

Ave Family Portraits

As is customary, I have let a lot of time pass since I last shared. I went through my photo library and had to make a tough call on which beautiful family I would post. These two cuties caught my eye…

20140410 173349 IMG 7445

Their photo session was done in their back yard. They have a fun playhouse/fort, I love the color! Here they are with their beautiful mom and proud dad…

20140410 174628 IMG 7480

20140410 174518 IMG 7477

Such a joy to have photographed- thank you, Ave family!

20140410 170654 IMG 7350